Recent Publications

Journal Articles:

Barry, K (2021) Declaring, scanning, sniffing, searching: Unpacking the mobility cultures of Australia’s biosecurity, Social and Cultural Geography.

Ozguc, U (2021) Three lines of pandemic borders: from necropolitics to hope as a method of living, Critical Studies on Security.

Barry, K and Ghimire, N (2020) Securing materials at international borders: exploring the biosecurity practices of Nepalese migrants to Australia, Australian Geographer.

Jerrems, A (2020) Theorising International Urban Politics, Millennium: Journal of International Studies.

Barry, K (2020) Diagramming the uncertainties of COVID-19: Scales, spatialities, and aesthetics, Dialogues in Human Geography.

Ozguc, U (2020) Rethinking Border Walls as Fluid Meshworks, Security Dialogue.

Jerrems, A (2020) The politics of neighbouring: assembly politics, urban citizenship and regimes of visibility in post-crisis Madrid, Citizenship Studies.

Ozguc, U (2020) Borders, Detention, and the Disruptive Power of the Noisy-Subject, International Political Sociology.

Barry, K (2019) Art and materiality in the global refugee crisis: Ai Weiwei’s artworks and the emerging aesthetics of mobilities, Mobilities.


Burridge, A (2020) Hotels are no ‘luxury’ place to detain people seeking asylum in Australia, The Conversation.

Burridge, A (2020) Here’s how the Victoria-NSW border closure will work – and how residents might be affected, The Conversation.

Ozguc, U (2020) An Essay on Pandemic Borders: From ‘Immunitary Dispositif’ to Affirmative Ethics, The Disorder of Things.

Nethery, A & Ozguc, U (2021) Why are Australians so accepting of hotel quarantine? A long history of confining threats to the state, The Conversation.

From presenters at our seminar series:

Keshavarz, M and Khosravi, S (2022) Seeing Like a Smuggler: Borders from Below, Pluto Books

Sur, M (2021) Jungle Passports: Fences, Mobility, and and Citizenship at the Northeast India-Bangladesh Border, University of Pennsylvania Press.

Tazzioli, M (2019) The Making of Migration: The Biopolitics of Mobility at Europe’s Borders, Sage.

Sharples, R (2020) Spaces of Solidarity: Karen Activism in the Thailand-Burma Borderlands, Berghahn Books.

McNevin, A (2020) Borders, Migration and the Urgency of Imagination, Vacarme.

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