Past Events

22 February 2023 – Dr Julia Morris, ‘Asylum and Extraction in the Republic of Nauru’

9 November 2022 – Dr Mahmoud Keshavarz and Professor Shahram Khosravi, ‘Seeing Like a Smuggler: Borders from Below’ 

19 October 2022 – Dr Michelle Peterie, ‘Care and Cruelty in Immigration Detention: Reverberating Impacts of Forced Relocations’

4 August 2022 – Associate Professor Maria Giannacopoulos, ‘Nomocide or the Nonperformativity of Colonial Law’

4 May 2022 – Associate Professor Dallas Rogers, ‘Water as a Bordering Technology: Understanding the British Crown claim beyond Methodological Nationalism and Atlanticism’

16 March 2022 – Associate Professor Kurt Iveson and Dr Alistair Sisson, ‘Transmission and Territory’

23 November 2021 – Dr Andonea Dickson, ‘To detain is to take’

2 September 2021 – Professor Bruce Buchan, ‘Bodies, surfaces and crossings at the grotesque border’

1 July 2021 – Dr Malini Sur, ‘Jungle passports’

18 May 2021 – Dr Martina Tazzioli, ‘Participatory detetenion’

16 February 2021 – ACBS Network Symposium, ‘Pandemic Borders: Hotels, spaces of detention, quarantine and resistance’

15 September 2020 – Dr Rachel Sharples, ‘Movements across space’

28 July 2020 – Associate Professor Anne McNevin, ‘Time, borders and the making of worlds’

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